Handmade soaps that are gentle for your skin

Soaps at Chiko Soap are made by hand from oils that are derived from vegetables, using cold process in which no external heat is used.

Not only do I use luxurious ingredients but I also retain glycerine which naturally occurs during the soapmaking process, my soaps are mild on your skin and they keep your skin moisturised. 

I never use preservatives or chemical additives to harden the soap. Instead, I cure my soaps carefully by drying them naturally for at least 4 weeks (some of my soaps take up to 9 weeks!) in order to make them firmer and longer lasting. As a result, my soaps are good value for money and environmentally friendly.

Chiko Standard Soap 

In my base recipe, I switched from palm oil to shea butter to make my soaps even more luxurious. My soaps lather nicely and are gentle on humans and pets, also they are environmentally friendly. 

Natural additives that I add to my base oils are seasonal fruit and vegetables and something unique to Japan or New Zealand.


I try to create different designs with a variety of colours and scents by adding these ingredients from nature, pureed or dried.

Aside from normal range of standard soaps, I have probiotic soap (which is known to activate good bacteria to promote natural cleansing power on your skin), vegan soap and soap for dogs. Scent free soap (especially for babies and women who are pregnant) and gift packages are also available on request.


Ayurveda Shampoo Bar


 It has been 7 years since I started making and using Ayurvedic shampoo bars myself. The sensation I felt when I washed my hair with only Ayurvedic herbs for the first time during the process of development is still vivid in my mind.


I dissolved powdered herbs in water to wash my hair. I had an extremely refreshing feeling on my scalp and my hair was pleasantly soft. It was an outstanding feeling which I had never experienced with shampoo.


This gave me the drive to create a shampoo bar, after many trials and errors I now have five different types of shampoo bars available.

From the feedback I received, I now know that once you start using this shampoo bar, your hair will become softer, reduce losing hair. People with thinner hair may find that their hair will become stronger and bouncier. You will only need to wash your hair every 2-3 days and also you will not need to use conditioner. 


However, I also have a conditioner bar for people who are new to shampoo bars. Solid shampoo and conditioner bars tend to last at least twice longer than liquid ones.  I hope you give it a try.

This is the most luxurious soap you can imagine, containing Manuka honey, propolis and placenta (at 10% of the total amount of oil, how lavish!). Active Manuka honey is known to have moisturising, anti-bacterial and skin-repairing effects. Propolis is thought to have antibacterial effects against eczema and acne, and antioxidant properties which is effective against ageing spots and wrinkles. Also, sheep-derived placenta is the most similar to human placenta and it is said to be safe and effective for humans to use.  

As I was developing the recipe for this soap, I was very particular about the blending ratio of oils. In this recipe, I use a generous amount of olive oil, coconut oil and rice bran oil to help improve lather, and sheer butter for its moisturising property instead of palm oil which is wreaking havoc on the planet. 

While standard soaps take 4 weeks to cure, I let this soap mature for 9 weeks. As a consequence, you can enjoy a rich, creamy lather this soap produces. The unique sweet smell of Manuka honey is divine, I intentionally do not add any scents to this soap so that you can appreciate it.

Due to the unavailability and soaring price of placenta and Manuka honey, I am not making this soap for the time being. Once the stock runs out, it will be gone for a while. So, don’t wait to try it! 

 Manuka Honey & Propolis &

Placenta Soap