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  • Thank you to the food business owners to share their used oil. This time I got oil from southern-maid donuts in Auckland. We appreciate their contribution toward sustainable living projects.


    There are some specialized companies that collect used oil from restaurants and takeaways e.t.c.


    What I learned was ....those used oils are filtered and some chemicals are added to them. Those renewed oils with chemicals are resale as cheap oil...


    That's the reason, I created ''Eco-Cleaning soap'' I know our challenge is still small at the moment. but better than doing nothing. Eco-Cleaning soaps are quite common in Japan however I have not come crossed finding any upcycle soap in New Zealand yet. Please tell me if you know.


    and only these products are made by the Hot Process method. which intentionally adds some heat while the saponification process occurs. As result, it becomes hardened and great cleansing effective soap.


    Furthermore, here is the process I follow:  The main Oil ingredient was used for donuts. It contains some eggs and flour. Firstly used oil is filtered and removed some food leftovers, remove odour, mixed with some new oil.


    This soap becomes a very hardened solid soap compared to the previous version.


    You will only need 20g of soap to make 500ml of liquid soap.

    Simply cut soap thinly. place in heat resistant jar such as a jam bottle. and pour boiled water. place lid on leaving it for 3-5 days. Following this simple process, you can make liquid soap.


    Or, You may like to use solid soap as it is. My new product " Magnetic soap holder'' is a great use for kitchen. Simply attach soap to a Magnetic soap holder, and run tap hot water on the soap to fill the sink. Remove leftover food first and clean dishes accordingly.


    No nasty chemical was added. Great for natural cleanings, such as dish wash, cleaning, kitchen, floor, bathroom, you can use for laundry stain remover as a prewash. I added Lemon fragrance oil.


    Ingredients: Used Plant-based transfat free Oil, Purified Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Coconut Oil, Lemon Fragrance Oil

    Eco-Cleaning soap


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