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  • There are ranges of shampoo bars here though for people like to use one soap for whole body, Head to Toe. This is the soap for you.


    Water rate adjusted. More solid than previous version.



    Follows are Ayurveda herb Contained there are various benefits to scalp and hair:


    Holly Basil / Tulsi: helps to improve the blood circulation and keeps your scalp cool reduction of itchiness and dandruff and thus promotes hair growth


    Turmeric; helps get glowing skin naturally. powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefit. and also been said Turmeric could stimulate hair growth as well.


    approximately 100g each (when its cut 110g)




    How to wash hair with solid soap:

    1.Use Luke water and massage your scalp without shampoo bar first.

    2.lather creamy bubble. Wash your hair thoroughly.

    Depending on your hair condition, some may experience your hair become stiff and coarse. If so, very natural reaction do not panic. using citric acid, lemon juice or vinegar to smooth your hair. When you continue to use Ayurveda shampoo bar gradually your hair will become smoother and will not need to use conditioner. When hair is dry use natural oil such as coconuts oil. When your hair is used to Ayurveda shampoo, you will not require to wash hair every day. You will recognize it! So enjoy!


    Head to Toe Soap


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