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  • Ayurveda Shampoo Bar Special version

    Luxurious ingredients such as active manuka honey(UMF+20!!!) and propolis, as well as argan oil, which contains plenty of vitamin E and has excellent moisturizing properties, and jojoba oil, which has characteristics similar to those of humans, are added to Chiko's Ayurveda Shampoo bar ingredients. For fragrances, a blend of rosemary, which has a hair-growing effect, an antibacterial tea tree, and lemongrass, which keeps the scalp healthy.


    What is Ayurveda Shampoo bar Soap?

    Ayurveda has originated in India over 5000 years ago, making it one of the world’s oldest health care foundations using a variety of native herbs. Chiko was fascinated by those benefits, therefore, created recipes herself and added them into solid soap as shampoo.


    Follows are Ayurveda herb which Contained in Original Ayurveda Shampoo bar. There are to be said various benefits to scalp and hair. On top of those, Luxurious ingredients such as active manuka honey and propolis, as well as argan oil, and jojoba oil added to this special version. 


    Ayurveda herb mix : Shikakai,Amla, Aritha, Neem,Tulsi Brahmi

    Other Ingredients; Sunflower Oil, Purify water, Coconut Oil, Sodium hydroxide,Castor Oil, Citric Acid, Almond Milk, Manuka Honey18+, Propolis

    Essential Oil Blend (Lemongrass,Teatree, Rosemary)


    If you wash your long hair once daily, this 100g solid bar last 1 and a half months at least. Cost performance excellent. 


    Shampoo Bar (Manuka Honey and Proporis)


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