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  • This natural deodorant is made from natural ingredients. This product is ideal for everyone including people with sensitive skin such as eczema.


    I recently upgraded the version. The difference is the addition of New Zealand glacial clay and arrowroot powder, cocoa butter, to the formula.


    There are three scent choices: unscented for those with more sensitive skin, vanilla for those who want to enjoy a little scent, and tea tree for those who want to expect a deodorant effect.


    We are glad to use ''New Zealand Glacial clay'' It contributes hugely to the Deodorant effect. The slight green colour came from it. 


    Since no chemical substances are used, the hardness may change due to seasonal temperature differences.


    After applying deodorant with a stick, spread it with your fingers.  Then it lasts long. and  It could prevent stains on your white shirt as well.


    No plastic bottles are used, it is environmentally friendly and skin-friendly.



    Ingredients; Coconut oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, New Zealand glacial clay, arrowroot powder, baking soda, essential oils


    Push up stick bottle.


    Weight 60g

    Natural Deodorant Stick-Eczema Friendly

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