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    This is manuka honey soap contains active manuka honey MGO696, royal jelly, propolis and bee venom (10% of the total amount of oil, how lavish!), making it more luxurious than the older version.


    This means the amount of honey in this soap is equivalent to 7 times more honey than ordinary mass-produced honey soaps on the market.


    I am confident that you will never see soap like this anywhere else. I replaced part of the water in soap with honey at the highest possible proportion. As honey’s water retention is high, and I do not remove glycerin which occurs naturally during the process of soap making, this soap is softer than mass-produced soaps. I call this soap “raw soap”.


    Active manuka honey is moisturising and is thought to have powerful anti-bacterial, skin-repairing benefits. Propolis has anti-bacterial properties that may be effective for eczema and acne-prone skin, as well as antioxidant properties that are effective for ageing spots and wrinkles.


    Bee venom may promote skin turnover, while royal jelly is great for anti-ageing. This soap is jam-packed with the bee’s blessing. I take extra care when selecting base oils and I only use quality vegetable oils such as olive, coconut and rice bran oils in my recipe. I use moisturising, luxurious shea butter instead of palm oil as it wreaks havoc on the environment.


    You will enjoy a rich, creamy lather as I cure this soap for 14 weeks instead of 4 weeks. I do not add any fragrance to this soap as I would like you to enjoy the unique luscious scent of manuka honey.


    The lather may seem yellowish as the colour of the honey mixture is naturally dark brown. This is proof that the lather contains the goodness of honey. I recommend you leave a well-foamed lather on the skin for 30 seconds before rinsing to utilise all the benefits of honey. Your skin will love it and appreciate the goodness of the soap.




    size choices; 70g or 100g


    Manuka Gold-Facial Soap


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