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  • This is a Solid Hair Conditioner Bar which great use with the Ayurveda Shampoo bar. 


    There are 2 versions available.


    1. Ayurveda Tulsi herb which is said to benefit to hair healthier and bouncy
    2. Ayurveda Indigo herb. this is great to use with Ayurveda Shampoo Bar-Henna. or Henna users. 


    Simply use after shampoo, directly apply to hair 3-5 times and massage through whole hair and rinse afterwards. you do not need too much. and rinse thoroughly afterwards.



    usage suggestion;


    short hair:


    apply shower hot water on the conditioner bar in your hands. rub a little then you will feel the conditioner bar will slightly melt with warmer temperature. rub your hands and massage through your hair. not your scalp.


    Medium Hair length:


    directly apply to your hair,3 times top to down. change the positions. you will feel the conditioner melt with warm temperature. then massage through the whole hair.


    Long hair length:


    Directly apply around 5 times to hair edges down from your neck. Then gently spread the excess conditioner in your hand to the whole head area (not the scalp) in the end. 




    I created this product because:


    When you start using a Shampoo soap bar, your hair gets used to simple and natural hair wash and becomes energizing gradually. 


    There seem transition times required depending on users. Some people find your hair coarse or waxy at the beginning. This could happen depending on your hair and scalp condition, what shampoo and conditioner you have been using.. all sorts of reasons.


    Suggested solution if you happy to try:


    coarse hair:

    I suggest you apply Vinegar, lemon juice, or Citric Acid mix in luke water and rinse your hair after shampoo.


    Waxy hair:

    try to wash your hair without using shampoo first. Gently massage your scalp thoroughly in the shower's warm water.  then use the shampoo soap bar as a second wash. Make sure to rinse your hair completely by combing your hair as a finish. this will remove soap residue if you experience it.


    There is a shampoo bar range for oily hair. and mud hair mask is also recommended using during this transition period. (both are available online)


    However, If you find the above solutions are not your choice. This conditioner bar is for you.



    The product is 20g and I will make it once I get the order. and This sounds small but you do not require to use too much. If you do you may find your hair a bit greasy. apply little and massaging through the whole hair, not the scalp.


    This is another Environmental friendly product.



    Conditioner Pallet BTMs25,50, Cetostearyl Alcohol, Cocoa Butter, Camellia Oil, Tulsi / Indigo (Ayurveda Herb), Silk Protein, ProVitamin B5, Citric Acid, Blended fragrances which are made of Pure Essential Oil and Fragrance Oil (Fragrance may be changed without notice)


    Chiko soap does not use chemical compounds such as harmful additives.


    What is BTM: These are synthetically made hair conditioner ingredients. According to the reports,


    These are approved to use for in the human body.  Since these are essential ingredients to create this product form, In order to pursue my concept, what I do is adjust the quantity of as little as possible used in the products.

    Ayurveda Hair Conditioner Bar


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