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  • These are Artisan Chocolate Soap Gift Package.

    One of the Great gift ideas?


    They look and smell real Chocolate.  Divine! We warn those are soap on the outside and inside of a box, ingredient label as well.


    Please make sure to warn when you gift it to someone.




    Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Shea Butter, purified water, Sodium Hydroxide, Cocoa Powder, Dolce wine, Color: Gold, Pink, Green Mica,

    Fragrance: On top of the base scent with chocolate and coffee mocha, we added additionally it with the scent of Orange, Coconut, Blueberry cheesecake, Rose, and French pair scents to differs individual soap scents.


    Choices are;


    (1)6 pieces 

    (2) 4 pieces,

    (3) Cracked Chocolate soap Bars





    Honey is real honey, not a soap.  It is a small jar of Raw Multifloral Honey from Kairangi Honey farm. We produce their Manuka Honey Soaps for over 2 years. Kairangi Honey Farm is a small family own trusted business. Their Honey is ''Raw Honey''. 


    This is what they describe their Raw Honey. Following from their website



    ''Raw honey contains a wide variety of nutrients. It has approximately 22 amino acids, 31 different minerals and a wide range of vitamins and enzymes. However, the nutrients are only present in trace amounts.


    What’s most impressive about raw honey is that it contains nearly 30 types of bioactive plant compounds. These are called polyphenols, and they act as antioxidants.

    Many studies have linked these antioxidants with impressive health benefits, including reduced inflammation and a lower risk of heart disease and certain cancers.


    We don't blend honey, Enjoy the flavour and taste from each location. It's so different and all are so yummy.

    Our raw honey is good t to take itself or add some on yoghurt, smoothie, ice cream, pancakes, toast... etc. and honey face pack is also great!''


    We recommend you try their honey as a 5 mins facial mask before you make up.  No need to add anything. The little warning is you will feel sticky as Honey does. But you will see your skin tone brighter and hydrated after this luxury natural face mask. 


    Well of course you can taste it. we personally visited their farm and They let me taste all their range. We chose this particular flavour.

    Since Taste and smell great. It contains some Manuka Honey as well. 

    Artisan Chocolate Soap Gift Package

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