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Oct News - new products and market information

Thank you for your support as always.

Now we upload a couples of new soap product online.

Sake-Lees Soap

This soap contains Sake Lees puree. Sake Lees is the left over after made Sake. Sake made from Rice. It contains plenty of Amino acid which said great benefit to skins. and Sake lees brighten skin tones.

Scent: Basil, Orange Sweet, Chai spice

Coconut Milk and Lime Soap

This soap contains Coconut milk. Coconut soap is one of our best selling standard soap. It is said, to contain essential amino acids with antioxidant benefits providing healthy options for your skin.

Scent: Coconut and Lime Blend fragrance

Market Information- Free Entry

Smales Farm sunday Market 12 Nov

Time : 9am-2pm

Address:72 Taharoto Rd, Smales Farm, Takapuna,Auckland 0622

Free entry/ Free plenty of parking throughout Smales Farm

Smales Farm Bus Station on site

we are so excited about this opportunity and we look forward to seeing you there.

Count down starting (^^)

no need to register. Come and see me. We look forward to seeing all there.


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